About Us

Arrows by Kelly was a family owned/operated business that sprang from my love of archery and hunting having operated it for 35+ years until 2005 when I sold it. Since that time the new owner has gone out of business and let this website disappear. My old site contained a wealth of info that all archers need to make wise choices about their equipment and I've been asked for many years about my spine charts, etc and if I was going back into the business.

Well I'm not going back into the business but do want to get all that good info from the old website back online for everyone to use so that is why I created a new domain address for this site. Plus it will be a conveniant avenue for the sale of over 50 years accumlation of my personal archery stuff. In approximately another year we will be moving/retiring back to my home state of Wisconsin where that house/garage/shop is much, much smaller and there simply will be no room for all of my "stuff" so will be having a giant garage sale over the next 12-18 months.

Bowhunting is still my favorite archery endeavor and this past season was my 50th. Many things have changed over those 5 decades and I find myself enjoying it more with less. My bow weights are back down to where I started because of health issues and am enjoying that more than ever and any bow harvest beit a stump a deer or a rabbit is just the icing on the cake!

I invite you to email me with any questions, comments, suggestions or just talk trad stuff! T
hanks for visiting our site.

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